Emiel Jongerius: MP3

Here are some recordings on which you can hear me play

Prima! Prima!

Prima! Prima! was formed in sping 1989 at the Twente University. I am still very proud of the music we created, although it wasn't allways performed perfectly... We finally got recognition for our music at our farewell concert at which we were elected as the Best Band of the Campus of the University in 1991. Here are some songs of our repetoire. In this band I played guitar and occasionally sang.

b'Where - CD Toygo

This band was formed when the band Wozzewoz split up in 1992. I joined three of it's members to form b'Where. This band still exists and I am still a member. These recordings are from the only release ob b'Where to date: the CD Toygo. In this band I play guitar and sometimes sing.

Some Weird Sin

Some Weird Sin was formed in 2004. I met Lindy and Gerard on the Happy VPRO Website. You can find some recordings and a video of our first performance on www.someweirdsin.net. In this band I play the guitar.

Home recordings

When I get inspired and I have some time on my hands, I like to record songs in my home recording studio. Here are a few examples. Everything on these songs is played, programmed and sang by me.

Bartender Blues Band

This band was formed in 1986 at the Twente University. We were a semi-professional band and performed sometimes up to three times per week. This band still exists under the name Bartender Reunion. I was a member of this band from 1986-1987. Here are the songs of our first demo tape recorded on 1986-6-21 at La Vache Aviante, my old student home and the Vestingbar, the student bar at the Twente University. I played the bass-guitar and sang the harmony vocals.